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October 03, 2008


Saxon Holt

I came across this posting as a Board member of Stock Artists Alliance and now realize how easy it is for Photolibrary to get some industry sympathy for their continued denial of any wrong doing. They can simply proved a press release and it will be posted at places like this without comment.

No doubt it is a policy here at this information source to let the industry post press releases, which invite readers have short attention spans, and let the release stand without comment.

Well this comment invites photographers to check out the whole story and inquire about what SAA has been doing to protect your royalties by keep Photolibrary under the microscope. This is not done by SAA to single out this particular agency but because photographers do not have their own PR agency and advocates. In fact, few of our members are Photolibrary members. But when industry abuse happens in one place unopposed, you can be sure others will try to get away with cheating other photographers.

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