Bigstock Review: Navigating Your Path to Ideal Stock Photos

Ever wonder how to make your designs pop with unique, high-quality images? Are you seeking an economical way to get access to a huge selection of stock images?

You know the saying – “A picture is worth a thousand words.” But where do you find these magical pictures that speak volumes without breaking the bank?

Welcome aboard our journey into Bigstock, an image powerhouse filled with millions of eye-catching shots ready for download. This voyage will take us through Bigstock’s evolution and expansion, its flexible pricing options tailored just for you, and user-friendly interface designed with buyers in mind.

We’ll also dive deep into licensing options so there are no surprises when using those perfect snaps. Plus we’ll uncover hidden treasures like their blog ‘The Download’ and inspirational section ‘Be Inspired’. Ready? Let’s set sail…

The Evolution of Bigstock

Founded in 2004, Bigstock was initially known as BigStockPhoto. Its primary aim was to supply top-notch pictures at prices that were easy on the pocket.

In its early years, the company flourished independently until it caught the attention of Shutterstock. The major player decided to buy BigStockPhoto in 2009, transforming it into what we now know as ‘Bigstock’.

This move marked a pivotal point for both companies. It allowed them to better cater to different segments of stock image buyers—Shutterstock with its subscription plans and Bigstock with credit-based pricing. But that’s not all. Since then, this dynamic duo has been pushing boundaries and setting standards within the industry.

Exploring Bigstock’s Pricing Options

Bigstock offers two main pricing options: credit packages and a ‘Pay As You Go’ cash option. The credit system is adaptable, enabling purchasers to pick the bundle that best suits their requirements.

Credit packs start from as low as 3 credits for $35, scaling up to 9 credits for $105. Each image costs between one and six credits based on its resolution size.

The ‘Pay As You Go’ plan starts at $4 per image without any need for a subscription or upfront payment. It’s an ideal choice if you only need a few images now and then.

There are also discounts available for both new customers – who can get 7 days of free downloads, and existing customers who receive lower prices with larger purchases or subscriptions.

Bigstock’s user interface got a facelift after Shutterstock took the helm. The change has led to an easier, more intuitive experience for users.

The website now boasts new search features that make finding the perfect image quick and effortless. Whether you’re searching by keyword or category, the results are accurate and relevant (Key Stat 5). It also sports an enhanced buyer interface that simplifies purchasing and managing your images.

The Revamped Search Engine and Image Keyword System

A highlight of this redesign is Bigstock’s improved search engine (Key Stat 7). This feature uses an intelligent algorithm to ensure related keywords yield meaningful results.

This streamlined system means no more wasted time sifting through irrelevant photos – every result counts.

Understanding Licensing Options on Bigstock

If you’re using Bigstock, it’s essential to understand their licensing options. The two primary licenses are the Standard License and the Extended License.

The Standard License, included in your image purchase, lets you use images for personal projects or commercial purposes like websites, blogs, social media posts, brochures and more. But remember – there are limitations. For instance, print runs can’t exceed 500k copies.

The Extended License, available at an extra cost (check current pricing here), gives broader rights including unlimited print runs and usage in merchandise for sale (like t-shirts).

Your project scope determines which license you need – so make sure to choose wisely.

Bigstock’s International Reach

Bigstock has always been devoted to helping creative professionals worldwide find and utilize superior images. But, did you know they took a giant leap in 2011? They introduced German and Spanish versions of their website.

This wasn’t just an update with Google Translate. It was designed from the ground up by native speakers. The aim? To make sure everything is as clear and easy-to-understand as possible for users who prefer these languages.

The result: Bigstock became more accessible than ever before, opening doors to millions of potential image buyers worldwide. So if you’re searching for top-notch imagery on an international scale, give Bigstock a try.

Unique Features for Buyers on Bigstock

Bigstock is known for its unique features that appeal to buyers. Let’s explore these features.

The Download – Bigstock’s Buyer Blog

The Download, as it’s aptly named, gives buyers more than just access to stock images. It offers design tutorials and seasonal image collections, keeping users updated with the latest trends in the visual content industry.

Be Inspired – A Resource for Buyers

Alongside ‘The Download’, Bigstock features a section named ‘Be Inspired’. It’s a treasure trove of travel shots and themed collections, sparking ideas for buyers crafting engaging visual stories.

The Convenience of Bigstock

Bigstock stands out in the stock photo industry because it’s convenient. But what does that mean? Let me explain.

Choose from a huge selection of quality images – more than 100 million. You can find pretty much anything here

Beyond variety, Bigstock also gives you flexibility. Whether you need one image or hundreds, there are pricing plans for everyone. From credit packs to subscription options, they make sure every user gets exactly what they need.

And let’s not forget about their search engine and keyword system. Their advanced search engine and keyword system is designed to make finding your ideal shot a speedy and effortless process.

FAQs in Relation to Bigstock Review

Is Bigstockphoto legit?

Yes, it is. Bigstock has been a reliable source of high-quality stock images since its inception in 2004.

Who owns Bigstock?

Shutterstock acquired Bigstock back in 2009 and currently operates it as one of their credit-based image agencies.

Is Bigstock part of Shutterstock?

Absolutely. After the acquisition by Shutterstock in 2009, they’ve run it while retaining the unique features that make Bigstock stand out.


So, you’ve ventured through our Bigstock review and emerged on the other side with newfound knowledge. Now what?

You know about Bigstock’s history – a humble start in 2004 leading to a flourishing presence as part of Shutterstock’s family.

Now you’re familiar with their pricing options, flexible enough to fit any budget or project scope. The credit buying option? A dream for those needing variety and flexibility.

The user interface is no mystery anymore; it’s designed just for your ease, making searching and browsing effortless.

You’re aware of the licensing types available – standard and extended licenses – giving clarity on how images can be used safely.

Your eyes are open to Bigstock’s global reach with multiple language sites. Their unique features like ‘The Download’ blog & ‘Be Inspired’ section? They’re ready-made sources of inspiration!

All this leaves us with one clear takeaway: When it comes to stock photos that stand out without draining your wallet, Bigstock sails ahead of the pack! Let your creativity set sail too…

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